March 17, 2010 Press release - Forty simultaneous chess matches challenge a master

Forty simultaneous chess matches challenge a master

SPARTA — This past Saturday Sparta Middle School was the place where some of the sharpest minds in our area matched wits with a national chess master for two great causes. Tom Murray, who runs the Sparta Chess Club, organized the special event that was open to people of all ages. Twenty-two players took part in a simultaneous exhibition. From a second grader to a recent graduate, each concentrated on recalling the key features of each piece, recognizing patterns, and anticipated their opponents next move.

David Cole of Franklin served as the chess master, moving from player to player, plotting his moves. Cole was celebrating his birthday that day. He said he enjoys playing a game he loves while helping the community. “I’ve always believed chess and charity went hand in hand”.

An added feature to this fun and friendly competition was that each player was allowed a “lifeline.” During each game they could seek strategic advice from Sergey Kudrin, a chess Grandmaster from New York.

Proceeds are going to Sparta Ambulance and to help the homeless through the Pass It Along organization.