2010 - 2011 Season Events

September 25, 2010 - Pocono Tournament

Sparta HS won the Pocono Tournament defeating Pocono East HS. Eryk B. went undefeated, and placed second. Ian C. finished third with three wins. Kyra S. won the U-1000 event, and Keith J. and Anthony E. had 2.5 points.

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OCTOBER 9, 2010, Sparta, NJ

Approximately 40 players participated in National Chess day on the Lake Mohawk Boardwalk. The giant chess set was in use, and the players enjoyed pizza purchased from Villa Capri.

October 30, 2010 - Sparta Three Ring Circus

Sparta's fall tournament hosted 60 players. Pocono East returned the favor, and beat Sparta in the Open Section. Austin K., and Alex D. each had three wins. Daniel B. had 2.5 points in the U-1000 section.
Tyler S. tied for first with a perfect 4-0 score in the U-500 section. Ryan R., Daniel L., and Annette G. each had three wins. Reilly K. and Brandon R. each had 2.5 points.

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NOVEMBER 5-7, 2010, Long Branch, NJ
Sparta entered 33 players comprising four teams in this National Tournament held at the Ocean Place Resort in Long Branch. The K-6 team placed second in the speed event. Anthony E. and Ryan R. led the effort with 6 wins. Keith J., Daniel B., Kayla M., Philippos C. each had five wins. The Sparta HS team placed fifth behind Adam B.'s 5 points. The Sparta Middle School Team also placed sixth. The K-3 team finished eighth, and the K-6 team finished ninth, behind Daniel B.'s 5 wins. This was a very competitive tournament and we congratulate our K-12, K-6 and K-3 teams for being the top New Jersey public school teams!
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NOVEMBER 21, 2010, Brookdale College, Lincroft, NJ
The fifth grade team won the State championship for the third consecutive year to lead the nine Sparta teams in this annual event, playing opponents only in their grade levels. Daniel B. placed eighth with 3.5 wins. Joseph V. scored 2.5 points to lead the second grade team to a second place finish. The SHS Freshman team also finished second due to the three win efforts of Adam B. and A J T. The SHS Junior and Senior teams also finished second behind state powerhouse Christian Brothers Academy. The seventh grade team finished third, and the first grade team finished fourth with Lucas R. winning three times. The fourth grade team finished fourth, and the third grade team finished fifth. Congratulations to all of you!
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APRIL 28 - MAY 1, 2011, Nashville, TN
Sparta High School won the 3rd Place Team Award in the K-12 under 1200 Division, and Austin K. earned an Individual Award for 4th place in this division. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you and Coach Tom for your achievements!