Nov. 14, 2016 Sparta Independent Press release - Sparta chess players shine

Sparta chess players shine

Montgomery County — The Sparta Chess Team was awarded the Most Valuable Team Award in the recent Greater Philadelphia Scholastic Chess Championships held in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. The Sparta HS Team won first place with Cameron Flores winning an individual first place and a $750 scholarship to a summer program at Drexel University. Cameron was undefeated. Aiding the effort was Christopher Hakkenberg with three wins and a tie. Karthik Selvaraj, and Jonathan Lee each had three wins.

A combined Sparta Middle School and Helen Morgan team won the Grade 5 through 8 event. Akshat Iyer and Timothy Lee each won four of five with Iyer placing second. JC Langeraap had 3 wins and a tie for the Helen Morgan part of the team. Ayush Iyer, Brian Smith, and Griffin Brawer each had three wins.

Rowan Mendel had four wins for the K-4 team.

The Sparta Team also played in the Pocono Scholastic. Alex Schimpf, and Christopher Hakkenberg reached new highs for their national rankings, and Schimpf received an individual award. Cameron Flores scored three wins and a draw. Griffin Brawer, and J C Langeraap went through the five round event with only one loss each.

The team travels to Brookdale CC this weekend for the NJ Grade Level Championships.